How to Use Sentence Frames to Help Your ELL Students Feel Confident

Sentence frames are a useful tool for helping English language learners (ELLs) express their ideas and improve their language skills. Sentence frames are sentence structures that provide a framework for ELLs to use when constructing sentences. They can be used to help ELLs learn new vocabulary, practice grammar, and express their ideas more effectively. Here are some ways that sentence frames can be utilized to help ELLs:

  1. Provide structure: Sentence frames provide a structure for ELLs to follow when constructing sentences. This can help them feel more confident and less overwhelmed when trying to express their ideas.

  2. Introduce new vocabulary: Sentence frames can be used to introduce new vocabulary words and phrases, making it easier for ELLs to understand and use them in their own writing and speaking.

  3. Practice grammar: Sentence frames can be used to practice specific grammatical structures, such as verb tenses or sentence structure. This can help ELLs improve their grammar skills and become more confident in their language abilities.

  4. Encourage creativity: While sentence frames provide structure, they also allow for creativity and personal expression. ELLs can use sentence frames as a starting point and then add their own ideas and details to make their sentences more unique.

  5. Support writing and speaking: Sentence frames can be used in both writing and speaking activities, providing support for ELLs as they express their ideas in different contexts.

Overall, sentence frames can be a valuable tool for helping ELLs improve their language skills and express their ideas more effectively. By providing structure, introducing new vocabulary, practicing grammar, encouraging creativity, and supporting writing and speaking, sentence frames can help ELLs feel more confident and capable in their language abilities.

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