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turning problems into possibilities

You’re in the right place if teaching is consuming all aspects of your life.

The fact that you’re here tells me 

  • You want your classroom to be more student-centered

  • You want to find a routine that will maximize your instructional time

  • You want to find your personal time back while ensuring the best for your students

Hi I’m Katie and I’m here to help you by turning your problems into possibilities. My first years of teaching were nothing less than stressful. Every evening and afternoon was spent planning for the next week or prepping for the next day. It wasn’t until I discovered self-paced classroom routines and other teaching strategies that allowed me more freedom. 

I help teachers, specifically Dual Language teachers find the best educational practices to enhance learning.

To support you, you will find

  • Blog posts on relevant topics

  • Upper elementary resources

  • Email newsletters on teaching strategies, resources, tips and tricks

My first year of teaching was a struggle. I did not have any time to myself. I was not fully prepared to work in the Title 1 school with behavioral issues, either. The next year, I switched to a different district, and grade, but that’s beside the point. I thought it was a fresh start. And some of it was easier, but not all. I still didn’t really have time to enjoy myself and my whole life started to revolve around teaching until I discovered 2 things I became very passionate about: self-paced classrooms and Dual Language programs.

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Nice to meet you and welcome! Being a teacher, I am a firm believer in education. I have taught 2nd and 5th Grade. I am a teacher, blogger, and Youtuber.

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